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Ideal for the first time waxer. Hair is removed around the edges and anywhere outside of the panty line and any hair above your panty’s.

Extended Bikini 'Risque'


Similar to the mini-bikini but with more hair removed around the top and sides.

The Landing Strip


For those who almost want to go all the way! Hair is removed from around the front and sides, but the middle (labia) is left alone.  This service does come with the option of removing hair from your booty.  The shape of the hair at the front is totally up to you. Although the landing strip is the most popular. Other options include a triangle and postage stamp. Feel free to ask for a different style that you may prefer.

My Services

Waxing by Kristen in Bakersfield, CA. offers a variety of unwanted hair removal services. From eye-brow waxing to bikini line hair removal. Using Berodin Hard Blue Wax, which is a soothing, no-strip wax from Paris that’s excellent for sensitive skin. When covering larger areas of the body, we use Berodin Soft Wax.  Rosin free, Beeswax free, which are also very gentle. As for double-dipping and messy waxing stations, never!

Schedule your next appointment today (661) 873-5817










Full Face




Full Arms


Half Arms


Lower Legs


Full Legs












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